I just want to matter.


do u ever want to talk to someone but u have nothing to say so u just ???? don’t??? and then feel bad?

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This is one of the coolest things you can find in Helsinki, Finland.

Come one, come two, come YOU, Devil’s Carnival!

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How do you fabrics : Franz Xaver Winterhalter (20 April 1805 – 8 July 1873)

German painter and lithographer, known for his portraits of royalty in the mid-nineteenth century. He was a virtuoso in the art of conveying the texture of fabrics, furs and jewellery, to which he paid no less attention than to the face. He painted very rapidly and very fluently, designing most of his compositions directly in the canvas. His portraits are elegant, refined, lifelike, and pleasantly idealized.

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Terrifying Sex Toys - Can’t Believe They Actually Exist

"Rédemption" by Julius LeBlanc Stewart,  1895
 🚬🌸cigarettes and hugs🌸🚬